Why JT Foxx Is My Coach and Why You Need To Learn From Him Too

"JT Foxx is the closest thing I've ever met to Steve Jobs." ~Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple)

How about that for Branding?

JT Foxx has mastered the art of Branding.  See JT Foxx's page here.

If you are struggling with understanding how to brand yourself, or your business, you need JT Foxx....NOW.

I've listened to the JT Foxx program, Building 2 Great Brands (Personal and Company) and have so many take aways.  I never knew how much of a difference Branding could really make until I found JT Foxx.

JT Foxx's principles on Branding are simple, yet so effective.

Whether you are starting a business, or are a seasoned entrepreneur, JT Foxx will definitely teach you a thing or two.

What I learned from JT Foxx was incredible.  I've learned a concept known as "Zero-Based Thinking"  Pertaining to taking your business to the next level, one must adopt the JT Foxx concept.  Simply put, you need to forget what you know and wipe the slate clean.  JT Foxx tells us that it will take a different level of thinking in order to get to that next level.

JT Foxx, you'll be proud to know that I have bought into this, BIG TIME.

To share with you one of the valuable lessons I picked up in the JT Foxx Branding Program, I'll describe it in my own Zero-Based Branding kind of way.

As JT Foxx explains, you must comprehend and identify the levels of Branding and then evaluate where you are.  Here are the levels of Branding that JT Foxx shares:

1. Brand Awareness - are people aware of you, your product, your service, your investment?

2. Brand Preference - do people prefer you, your product, your service, your investment?  Can they get it somewhere else, but prefer you?  Why do they prefer you?  Price?  Distance?  Time?  Most importantly, would they do business with someone else over you due to one of these factors?

3. Brand Insistence - will people travel 35+ hours to learn from and spend time with you?  (They do for JT Foxx)

4. Brand Advocacy - are your clients true advocates?  Would they follow you to the ends of the Earth and Back?  Moreover, would they tell everyone else to as well?  Advocacy.  JT Foxx has built an incredible culture of advocates with his #FamilyFirst clientele.


JT Foxx has taught me that Branding is the fuel, but Marketing is the engine of any business.
Another a-ha moment I had was when JT Foxx taught us that we had to become CEO Marketers. As the owners of our business, WE are responsible to come up with the great ideas for Marketing.  We cannot expect our team to come up with the great ideas.  As CEO Marketers, we need to come up with campaigns.  In the matter of a weekend, JT Foxx taught me how much I don't know about Marketing.  I was thrilled to find out that JT Foxx also offers a Marketing Program, in which he shares everything he knows about Marketing and How to Improve Profits.

This is next on my list for review lol


What sets JT Foxx apart?  

I've learned a simple lesson from JT Foxx.  The path to success is achieved much quicker when you deploy a relentless and unprecedented passion for making other people successful.  JT Foxx has built an empire around this philosophy.


"Powered By Your Success" is the mantra that JT Foxx eats, sleeps, lives and breathes.  He wants success for his clients MORE than they want it for themselves.  As JT Foxx explains, "Coaching creates Focus, Action creates Results."  JT Foxx inspires Action.  If you've been to any JT Foxx events, you know what I am talking about.

If you haven't been to an event, you need to get to one asap.  JT Foxx hosts an amazing annual event known as the "JT Foxx Family Reunion".  I have been to the 2 previous Family Reunion events and they have been nothing short of spectacular.  The level of people that JT Foxx has been able to gather won't let you down.  JT Foxx has amassed high energy and extremely driven business owners in his circle of #FamilyFirst.  The networking opportunities alone are worth the price of admission.  On top of this, the star-studded lineup will completely blow you away!  You will not experience a sales pitch every 30 minutes at this event.  I was pleasantly surprised when I attended my first one to find that it was indeed what JT Foxx had told me it would be and then some.  I've found his events to be laden with content, value, and amazing attendees.  JT Foxx thrives on adding value and delivering WOW to all who attend.  This event is one you will not want to miss.

Don't wait.  You can see a calendar of JT Foxx events by CLICKING HERE

Get out to an event near you as quickly as you can.

You'll be glad you did.

See you at the JT Foxx Family Reunion!


  1. I love reading all the great things JT Foxx has taught you about branding and marketing and the specifics you mention. Zero based thinking is such a great concept to stay relevant in yoyr industry and to innovate and grow your business.

    1. Thank you Michelle! As JT Foxx has taught us: How we change, is how we succeed. What worked yesterday, may not work today. What works today, may not work tomorrow. Business owners must break their businesses down every 3 to 6 months, to build it better, higher, faster. This evaluation is JT Foxx's #1 Rule to Sustainability, Predictability, and Consistency in business.

  2. Thank you Eric, this JT Foxx Mega Speaker Review is spot on why people need to take action. I am so proud you work for my organization and your dedication to making all my clients successful. JT Foxx Mega Speaker started as a project create a few speaker and instead turned into a global foray of thousands of speakers in 30 plus countries being created. I could have not done the JT Foxx Mega Speaker Review without your help.

    Attend one at www.MegaSpeaker.com

    1. It is you that I have to thank JT Foxx. Thank you for visionary leadership and for your relentless passion in creating the JT Foxx Mega Speaker movement all over the world. It is an honor and privilege to serve in your mission.

  3. Great post Eric! Love the different levels of branding and also the Zero based thinking, different level of thinking in order to get to next level. That's why I love the #FamilyFirst events all over the world.

    Here is the link to my blogpost: http://needpassiveincome.com/what-makes-jt-foxx-special/

    Shadeska Nicolina

  4. Love the simple and organised way you laid out the levels of branding as outlined by JT. It was a great reminder for me once more! Thank you!

    Here's a link to my JT experience: https://www.merjasumiloff.com/single-post/2017/06/26/Numbers-Dont-Lie-JT-Foxx-is-the-Real-Deal

  5. Great post!!!! I begin my mornings with the JT FOXX Wealth Workout. It's helped me to become more focused and productive.

  6. Thank you. I learned something new about that we need to be the CEO of our Marketing. It´s not what I wanted to hear but yes, it does make sense. Here is my story http://susannebateman.com/jt-foxx/


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